You have disappointed me Apple.

Nov 27

So I assume that most of you out there in technology land have now seen the latest iOS update from our beloved friends at Apple Corporation. Like many others I was excited at the prospect of a shiny new operating system for my iPhone 4 which was now feeling a little dated.

It would be almost like having a new phone I thought! It would be smooth and polished, sophisticated and stylish. How wrong could I have been. At first, everything seemed to be humming along nicely but I should have known something was wrong when the firmware upgrade stopped halfway through and I had to reboot the phone and start all over. This in itself was not an issue as the second time around it upgraded perfectly fine.

My first experience of the iOS 7 was actually quite good. Everything seemed to work and all my apps loaded up ok also. After around a month of usage I started to notice some issues. My biggest gripe would have to be the Facebook app. Its as though the iPhone is struggling to cope with the basic tasks that I ask it do do within this app. Viewing pictures and comments has become a chore as it now takes anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds to actually open the picture or comment. Then the same to revert back to my previous view.

I have now lost count as to how many times the everyday apps that I use have just crashed. My weather app which works flawlessly is now useless. Facebook – useless. The default mail app crashes at least once a day. All that I had previously enjoyed about my iPhone is now tarnished.

This brings me to the question of why. As mentioned earlier it seems that the current specifications of the iPhone 4 are simply not up to the task of crunching the numbers within the new iOS7. People who have upgraded to the iPhone 5 have not reported any of these issues and my  friend even boasted to me about how much he could update his Facebook page while I sat and waited while trying to upload a simple picture based check-in.

I am suspicious now. Is this a ploy by Apple to force me to upgrade to a new iPhone 5? As I upgrade my iPhone 4 to more subsequent iOS releases, will it become worse and worse after each upgrade? I can see a response from Apple along the lines of ” iOS7 – optimized for iPhone 5 and above. ” We cannot guarantee smooth operation of your device unless you are running the latest hardware that Apple has to offer.

Well that would just suck! Should I have to pay close to AUD $1000 for a device that is almost obsolete in just over 3 years? What if I want to keep my phone for 10 years? What if I want to downgrade to the more stable (for me) iOS6?Not possible says Apple. Unbelievable!!

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  1. Very well said. I too have the same problems.

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