NFC – What The?

Jul 09

NFC. What in the hell is this thing they talk about called NFC? Not from Cows? Nintendo Family Computer? Necromancer from China? National Football Conference? I’ve been scratching my head now for days and wondering how this could possibly relate to anything to do with technology. Then I had a thought! How about I go to that popular search engine or that online encyclopedia thingy and see what they have to say. Surely they can shed some light on this new catch cry that seems to be echoing in every nook an cranny of every iPhone or Samsung or HTC website, or whoever decides to incorporate this into their next “big thing”. Then I found it…..Near Field Communication. My first thought was football field or perhaps rugby field. Would we be all standing on the sidelines near this communication field and be able to talk with each other through devices called mobile phones? Could we not already do that? After reading further it appears that we will be all waving our phones at each other and at various devices like some futuristic Harry Potter with an iPhone compatible magic wand. Photos can be swapped with others with just a gesture and a gentle wave of one phone across another and maybe when I find myself in a “social networking situation” I could grab someones phone number with a gentle brush of my phone against theirs. Gone are the days of a gentle whisper and a phone number passed into a jacket pocket. This will now be replaced with a soft clunk as the polished screen of my new iPhone 6 or 7 brushes carelessly across the face of my intendeds Samsung Galaxy 8 or 9. But wait…….can this be possible? Will an iPhone talk to an Android? Please…say it isn’t so! These worlds can never meet and to have this technology co-exist within the boundaries and confines of a Near Field Communication circle is incomprehensible! I’m aghast that something as convenient¬† as this would even be contemplated! But I digress from my rant…….should I really want to have a device with this type of technology embedded? Surely this would make it easier for the Chinese to hack into our...

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