To Mount or not to Mount…..that is the question

Jul 09

Now I realize this title may conjure up many and varied images in readers heads but I assure you that I mean this question to be plain and innocent. Almost all of us must surely have come across this question in everyday life…….should I mount, or should I not mount, my brand new flatscreen LCD. I need to make my opinions on this clear from the outset. I am a huge fan of not mounting my big flatscreen to any wall, period. If I wanted to hang something on a wall I would go and buy a picture, for Gods sake. Mounting an LCD screen onto a wall makes the room seem like my boardroom at work, or   like I’m looking at a moving picture in some art gallery. There is nothing more “homely” than having the LCD sit proudly on a sturdy TV unit with pretty carvings and spots and holders for my pirated DVDs and CDs. I need something to house my amplifier, my Bluray player, my Playstation, my Wii as well as a spot for the assorted crap jammed into the remaining spots by my kids. Now for my next point. How many of you have seen those LCD mounted on a wall and all the cords are just hanging down and plugged into the associated devices below? Can people really be that lazy? Can they really not be stuffed cutting a couple of holes in the wall and dragging the cables down? Get a man in if you need too but please tidy that shit up!! Maybe it’s just me, but instead of watching the LCD I would spend all my time looking at those cords and cables, watching them mock me with their untidiness. Makes me want to go to the garden shed and come back with a massive pair of hedge trimmers and just snip them so they go away. Sure, I may kill myself from electrocution but at least I would die happy. Ok. Next point. I remember when a 42″ LCD was an absolutely huge screen. There was no way we would ever want or need anything bigger than that…surely! Well now they seem to be releasing 80″ LCDs and...

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