How many camera’s does it take to umpire a sporting match?

Aug 08

I seem to be watching a lot of sport this week. It may have something to do with the fact that we upgraded our cable sports package and that the Ashes Series and The British Open are both being held in England. The time zone difference makes for favorable viewing times in Australia with most of the evening spent relaxing with a drink and my bum stuck neatly in the corner of my faux leather couch. Which brings me to the topic of this post. How many cameras and how many umpires do we need  to ruin a perfectly good game of Test cricket? Whats wrong with leaving things up to that bored fellow who stands at the opposite end of the pitch to the batsman? He seems to have plenty of time on his hands. Why can’t he just pay attention and make a bloody decision every now and then? If you ask me, the snick-o-meter, stump cam, hotspot and third umpire are ruining this fine game. No one seems to have any faith in their own natural ability anymore. The newspaper headlines now seem to be revolving around the fact that teams are making bad decisions in relation to the review system and that this is losing them matches!! Forget about the fact they may have had a middle order collapse or the other bowling side was far superior!! If I see that stupid “T” sign made by any captain again I think I will scream! Do we really need cricket umpires anymore? I’m sure a computer somewhere could raise a digital finger to signify a batsman was out? I know I feel like sometimes raising a digital middle finger to those faceless men in the third umpires room, which by the way, I don’t think even exists. I’m sure there is another digital umpire acting as the third umpire which in turn is controlled by another digital umpire sitting in a Call Center in India somewhere     Share: Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google+ Tumblr Reddit Stumble Upon...

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