Modern Home Interior Designs Are All About Simplicity and Serenity

Sep 05

The modern home interior design has become exceedingly popular in the last few years. The homeowners are interested in the modern design because of the advantages of uncluttered and clean look. The interior of the house appears to be airy and wide variety of furnishings and accents can be used. Before indulging into a such a design, there are a few things to be understood: Clean Lines The look of a modern home interior design is simple, clean and sleek architectural lines and furnishings. Ornate pieces and intricate fabric patterns are missing. Instead straight lines, geometric shapes and solid colors are used. Simplicity is the key to ideal contemporary design. All furnishings abide by the rule of adhering to straight lines. Wood Tones Wood can be used as long as they are sleek and the tone suits all other aspects of the house. Darker wood tones like that of the mahogany, Nara and walnut are preferred. Exceptions are observed when clients demand for paler shades of wood. Pale tones of wood like teak are used to bring out a distinct contrast in the metal accents and the room appears to be bigger. Metal Use of metal is important in contemporary designing. The use can vary from solitary steel counter piece to chrome hardware. Metal legs for the furniture or metal photo frames are the essence of this design. Metal vases filled with beaded sticks or steel sculptures add the needed metallic touch to the design. Nickel plated lampshades and chrome bookshelf can be used to further accentuate the metallic aura. Color When it comes to modern designing neutral colors are favored over the warm and bright colors. Infusing small amounts of rich colors at key places provides a creative feel. A burst of red is added to the chrome and glass table to bring out a little mystery in it. Bright and warm shades of pillows might be used on the leather clad sofa to usher in the needed warmth. Yellow daffodils or sunflowers beautifully add contrast to the room when placed in a metal vase on top a black top table.  The feeling of clean and calm living environment is what the modern home interior design aims to...

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You have disappointed me Apple.

Nov 27

So I assume that most of you out there in technology land have now seen the latest iOS update from our beloved friends at Apple Corporation. Like many others I was excited at the prospect of a shiny new operating system for my iPhone 4 which was now feeling a little dated. It would be almost like having a new phone I thought! It would be smooth and polished, sophisticated and stylish. How wrong could I have been. At first, everything seemed to be humming along nicely but I should have known something was wrong when the firmware upgrade stopped halfway through and I had to reboot the phone and start all over. This in itself was not an issue as the second time around it upgraded perfectly fine. My first experience of the iOS 7 was actually quite good. Everything seemed to work and all my apps loaded up ok also. After around a month of usage I started to notice some issues. My biggest gripe would have to be the Facebook app. Its as though the iPhone is struggling to cope with the basic tasks that I ask it do do within this app. Viewing pictures and comments has become a chore as it now takes anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds to actually open the picture or comment. Then the same to revert back to my previous view. I have now lost count as to how many times the everyday apps that I use have just crashed. My weather app which works flawlessly is now useless. Facebook – useless. The default mail app crashes at least once a day. All that I had previously enjoyed about my iPhone is now tarnished. This brings me to the question of why. As mentioned earlier it seems that the current specifications of the iPhone 4 are simply not up to the task of crunching the numbers within the new iOS7. People who have upgraded to the iPhone 5 have not reported any of these issues and my  friend even boasted to me about how much he could update his Facebook page while I sat and waited while trying to upload a simple picture based check-in. I am suspicious now....

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How many camera’s does it take to umpire a sporting match?

Aug 08

I seem to be watching a lot of sport this week. It may have something to do with the fact that we upgraded our cable sports package and that the Ashes Series and The British Open are both being held in England. The time zone difference makes for favorable viewing times in Australia with most of the evening spent relaxing with a drink and my bum stuck neatly in the corner of my faux leather couch. Which brings me to the topic of this post. How many cameras and how many umpires do we need  to ruin a perfectly good game of Test cricket? Whats wrong with leaving things up to that bored fellow who stands at the opposite end of the pitch to the batsman? He seems to have plenty of time on his hands. Why can’t he just pay attention and make a bloody decision every now and then? If you ask me, the snick-o-meter, stump cam, hotspot and third umpire are ruining this fine game. No one seems to have any faith in their own natural ability anymore. The newspaper headlines now seem to be revolving around the fact that teams are making bad decisions in relation to the review system and that this is losing them matches!! Forget about the fact they may have had a middle order collapse or the other bowling side was far superior!! If I see that stupid “T” sign made by any captain again I think I will scream! Do we really need cricket umpires anymore? I’m sure a computer somewhere could raise a digital finger to signify a batsman was out? I know I feel like sometimes raising a digital middle finger to those faceless men in the third umpires room, which by the way, I don’t think even exists. I’m sure there is another digital umpire acting as the third umpire which in turn is controlled by another digital umpire sitting in a Call Center in India somewhere     Share: Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google+ Tumblr Reddit Stumble Upon...

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When is a Website not a Website?

Jul 17

Well, we have been online for a while now and the hard work is finally starting to pay off. What I have started to notice though is how different people use different shopping comparison websites to their advantage. There are a number of different sites that will happily list all your products and some of them are free, and some of them are a paid service. We subscribe to both but not all is as it seems. Let me see if I can explain. Lets take Website No 1 who lists a product at $45.50 cents. User clicks on the link and is redirected to the product page for Website No 1. Well, this is interesting, they say and make a mental note of the price. Back to the comparison site they go and check another link for the same product, but this time the product is priced at $41.95 cents. Gee whiz! This comparison site is fantastic they think. I could actually save a whole $3.55 cents!! They click on the link for Website No 2 and are redirected to their product page. Hmm…different colors on the website, a few different advertisements, I still feel comfortable with how the site looks, I think I will buy from this site and save myself a little bit of money. This would make sense to most people and they would simply receive their item in the post. BUT……what if the buyer knew that those who ran Website No1 were also the people who ran Website No 2?? Would they be happy knowing that they thought they were saving money but their money was actually going to the same person?? We should all take note of websites that we visit, especially when comparing products online. If you get the feeling you have seen a website page before, its probably because you have! I am sure this is legal but is it ethical? This got me thinking and I checked more and more products on more and more comparison sites and could not believe how widespread this is! A bit of a look up on the internet and some have up to 50 internet domain names registered! I would love to know other...

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