You have disappointed me Apple.

Nov 27

So I assume that most of you out there in technology land have now seen the latest iOS update from our beloved friends at Apple Corporation. Like many others I was excited at the prospect of a shiny new operating system for my iPhone 4 which was now feeling a little dated. It would be almost like having a new phone I thought! It would be smooth and polished,...

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How many camera’s does it take to umpire a sporting match?

Aug 08

I seem to be watching a lot of sport this week. It may have something to do with the fact that we upgraded our cable sports package and that the Ashes Series and The British Open are both being held in England. The time zone difference makes for favorable viewing times in Australia with most of the evening spent relaxing with a drink and my bum stuck neatly in the...

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When is a Website not a Website?

Jul 17

Well, we have been online for a while now and the hard work is finally starting to pay off. What I have started to notice though is how different people use different shopping comparison websites to their advantage. There are a number of different sites that will happily list all your products and some of them are free, and some of them are a paid service. We...

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To Mount or not to Mount…..that is the question

Jul 09

Now I realize this title may conjure up many and varied images in readers heads but I assure you that I mean this question to be plain and innocent. Almost all of us must surely have come across this question in everyday life…….should I mount, or should I not mount, my brand new flatscreen LCD. I need to make my opinions on this clear from the outset. I...

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